Bringing Hope and Healing to the Nations

Miracles in the Marketplace has carried the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many nations and led teams to Mexico, Honduras, Ukraine, Thailand, and Peru. We have chosen some of the darkest, most dangerous places on earth, to bring the healing power of Jesus, and deliver hope where there seems to be no hope.

At Miracles in the Marketplace, we don’t do the traditional type of missions trips that including building structures, and other types of manual labor. While we believe those types of trips are very necessary, we know that there are many capable individuals to serve on those missions. Instead, we bring teams of who are trained to preach the Word of God, pray for the sick, cast out demons, and who are able to prophesy and bring hope and healing to desperate people.

We also have funded many of the practical needs in areas that we have been including; funds to finish building a church in Honduras, funds to complete building projects in Thailand, a 15 passenger van for a minister in Mexico, shoes, clothing and school supplies for orphans, curtains for mission base in Honduras, supplies for maternity hospital, medical supplies, new beds for orphans, feed the poor outreaches, and a peanut butter machine in Ukraine.

We have witnessed a multitude of miracles, way too many to count, including blind eyes opening, deaf ears opening, tumors disappearing, cancer gone, the lame walking, barren women having babies (approximately 9 months after we prayed) and so much more! What a privilege to serve such an awesome God!

Many who have been on these trips with us, are blown away with how they are used by God to bring hope and healing to so many. There are those who have never witnessed a true miracle prior to one of our missions trips. Their lives are forever changed!

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