Women on the Frontlines

"Great is the company of women who proclaim the good news."

Psalm 68:11

Women on the Frontlines History in the Twin Cities

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2019 Women on the Frontlines National Conference

Women on the Frontlines National Conference, June 6 - 8, 2019 Speakers for the National WOFL Conference included Patricia King,...

2017 Women on the Frontlines Regional Conference

Women on the Frontlines Twin Cities Regional Conference, June 8-10, 2017 Our speaker line up for our 2017 WOFL conference...

Our first Women on the Frontlines event

Patricia King had asked our ministry to host a Women on the Frontlines Conference for a couple of years, but...

History of Women on the Frontlines

Women on the Frontlines was the dream child of James Goll and his late wife Michal Ann Goll. Together they desired to gather women trailblazers of the faith to impart the life and power of Christ into an emerging generation of women who would change the world. Founded in 1997, Women on the Frontlines was more than a conference, it had become a place a rich spiritual encounter that left thousands of men and women’s lives transformed forever. After the passing of Michal Ann Goll into her eternal inheritance, James Goll invited Patricia King to oversee the vision. After hosting five WOFL events in Phoenix the baton was officially passed to Patrick King of XP Ministries with James Goll remaining as the Founder and Advisor. Under Patricia’s leadership and influence, WOFL grew exponentially, with conferences being held around the globe, resulting in the activation of thousands of believers, and the birth of many life-changing ministries. In 2019 at the Women on the Frontlines National Conference hosted by Miracles in the Marketplace in Minnesota, Patricia passed the baton to Wendy Peter of Canada who was commissioned as the new North American Director for Women on the Frontlines. Under the leadership of Wendy Peter, Women on the Frontlines is taking on a new direction, connecting with women one-on-one, and holding workshops around the globe in smaller venues. The focus will be on fundraising to provide for widows and the poor, missions, and training. For more information, visit woflglobal.com


Thank you for everything at WOFL National. IT was awesome and amazing. You did an amazing job putting it all together. Everything was so awesome, beautiful, perfect! Lots of miracles, lots of healings!

- Blessings, Joan Hunter

Dear Suzy & Craig, Thank you for hosting WOFL. The entire conference was with such excellence. Your volunteers were amazing, they took such great care of our every need. And the worship - wow - with you (Suzy) and Lauren with JoAnn and the rest of the team provided a real encounter with God. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

- Cindy Stewart