2019 Women on the Frontlines National Conference

Women on the Frontlines National Conference, June 6 – 8, 2019 Speakers for the National WOFL Conference included Patricia King, Katie Souza, Cindy McGill, and Jessica Koulianos. The speakers brought such balanced teaching and the ebb and flow of each session blended so well together. Cindy McGill brought awesome testimonies from her ministry at New Age and Pagan Festivals and delivered some great comic relief following a very deep and soul searching session taught by Jessica Koulianos. Patricia King taught an excellent message on the Benefactor Anointing that I suggest you get a copy of. We bought many copies and have been passing them out to our friends! Katie Souza brought her metal detector and her great faith for healing, and we saw several metal miracles as well as other kinds of healings and breakthroughs. The conference was rich in content and thick with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Many were touched, healed, and delivered through the worship, messages, and ministry. JoAnn McFatter brought a level of intimacy to worship as she sang the heart of the Father over the congregation. Partnering with Patricia King and her ministry was a such an incredible blessing as we learned so much and felt an increased level of anointing with each WOFL event. James Goll had appointed Patricia King as overseer of the vision for Women on the Frontlines after the passing of his late wife Michal Ann Goll, who founded WOFL in 1997. Patricia served faithfully, and expanded WOFL globally, and in 2020 had decided to again pass the baton. Wendy Peter of Canada is the new director and overseer for Women on the Frontlines. She is creating a new vision for WOFL, which will still be a powerful move of God around the globe, but will take on a different focus including, missions, taking care of widows and the poor, and empowering women through smaller gatherings and workshops. It was a privilege to host three Women on the Frontlines conferences, and I feel so blessed to have participated in this great historic move of engaging and empowering women in the Kingdom of God. Special thanks to Patricia King for allowing us to come alongside her vision, and for all the wonderful people who served and attended these special gatherings to see a glimpse of heaven here on earth! For Audio and video recordings, please visit the link below!

Suzy Nelson

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