Power Encounter with Katie Souza & Andre Ashby

We hosted our first Power Encounter in our new space at the Plymouth Playhouse Theatre on November 22 & 23, 2019. Katie Souza and Andre Ashby both ministered powerfully at this mini-conference! Katie’s teaching was so powerful as she shared how to defeat the spirit of death by speaking life over ourselves. It was so grounded in scripture, but there were principles many of us had never heard before. We learned how by speaking life into ourselves we can actually live longer and not have to die from sickness, but rather graduate to heaven at the appointed time when God calls us home. She candidly shared how there had been assignments of witchcraft put on her to steal her youth, and how she was able to cancel those assignments and live healthier and look younger. So many people were ministered to and received prayer, and there was even testimony from a woman that Katie had prayed for at one of our previous conferences who was actively dying. Her daughters carried her in and her skin was gray and she had no energy. As Katie began to pray for her, God revealed to Katie that the enemy had brought a spirit of death upon the woman. As Katie prayed and commanded the breath of life to fill her lungs and God to cancel that assignment, the woman began to get her color back. Today she is walking in total healing! Andre always carries the presence of God wherever he ministers. This Power Encounter was no exception. The weighty presence of God fell as Andre ministered in song. After preaching the Word, he said, “look, I’m not Katie Souza, but I believe that God wants to do some metal miracles today.” Andre had words of knowledge for 2 individuals who had metal placed in their bodies and both had the metal disappear! Some may wonder how we know, or how that can be confirmed? Well we learned from our dear friend Katie that a police issued metal detector does not lie! We acquired our own metal detector and both healings were confirmed with the use of that metal detector! If you missed the Power Encounter with Katie Souza and Andre Ashby, we do have audio recordings available. You can contact us at office@miraclesinthemarketplace.org for more information.

Suzy Nelson

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