2020 Twin Cities Prophetic Conference “20/20 Vision”

Twin Cities Prophetic Conference History

In 2011, the Lord spoke to us about hosting a Prophetic Conference in the Twin Cities area. We knew we needed to be obedient to the call, but in the natural wondered how we would be able to pull it off since we only had $3000 in our ministry account. So we promptly invited 3 different ministers to preach at our regular weekly meetings and gave all of our money away! Our Board of Directors thought we were crazy and asked us if we had a plan B, just in case we could not meet the conference budget. We told them that we would put a second mortgage on our home or even sell it, if we came up short. We had experienced God’s faithfulness in our personal lives, but that decision marked the beginning of our extraordinary journey of faith and seeing God’s supernatural provision in ministry.

We had no large mailing list or email list and although we printed some materials, it was totally supernatural the way the word spread. We received a call from Charisma Magazine saying that they had heard about our conference and they wanted to help us by putting a small add in their magazine and giving everyone in attendance a free mini-subscription to their magazine. Then we received a call from the Elijah List saying that they too had heard about our conference and wanted to co-sponsor our event. January 2012 was our first prophetic conference, and we were amazed to have over 1,000 people in attendance.

Since that first conference in 2012, we have had incredible speakers who have ministered the heart of God as they delivered words of encouragement, exhortation, confirmation, and prophesied things to come. We have seen the words of knowledge going out that brought amazing healing, deliverance and salvation. We are in awe of all that the Lord has done through our small ministry and these conferences. We are so grateful that we said YES!

Suzy Nelson

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