2017 Women on the Frontlines Regional Conference

Women on the Frontlines Twin Cities Regional Conference, June 8-10, 2017 Our speaker line up for our 2017 WOFL conference was amazing! We had Patricia King, Stacey Campbell, Cindy McGill, and Katie Souza. The ministry was amazing with incredibly accurate prophetic words coming forth and healings that included metal miracles (metal disappearing from bodies) which were confirmed with a police issued metal detector! The intensity of the movement of the Holy Spirit continued to build during the conference, and we felt a real shift happening in the spirit realm and knew that our next conference needed to be on the national level. Following the conference, Patricia confirmed what we were sensing and asked us to host the next WOFL National Conference. In my spirit, I felt that we should take a year off before hosting the National Conference, and that decision was confirmed the following spring when I (Suzy) had to undergo surgery for a brain aneurysm! Only God can know these things, and HALLELUJAH he brought me through and I was more than ready to tackle hosting the National WOFL Conference in 2019. Audio & Video recordings are still available from our 2017 conference at: http://shop-audiosolutionsplus-com.3dcartstores.com/Women-on-the-Frontlines_c_14.htm

Suzy Nelson

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