We have had the pleasure of hosting several events with Cindy McGill, as well as having her speak at Women on the Frontlines Conferences here in the Twin Cities. Cindy has created the Freedom Lounge Boot Camp with her tried and true methods that she has used at outreaches including; COUNTER CULTURAL EVENTS (such as Burning Man) ADULT CONVENTIONS, NEW AGE FAIRS, FILM FESTIVALS, SUPER BOWL, TIME SQUARE NEW YORK, LAS VEGAS, VENICE BEACH AND PLACES WHERE SPIRITUALLY HUNGRY PEOPLE ARE STARVING FOR TRUTH.   Cindy travels internationally, teaching on how to effectively engage the world we now live in with relevant language, understanding and a non-judgmental approach to seekers everywhere. God has given her strategies on how to communicate Jesus to a world that doesn’t know Him, His attributes and His heart for them. She is extremely effective in raising up teams of people who can be themselves and communicate the love of God in every place and every walk of life. Using spiritual gifts, dream interpretation and creative ideas and strategies, Cindy helps people discover the hidden meanings behind their dreams and give them a chance to find hope and truth at their point of need. Cindy’s humor and real life stories create a captivating element to her speaking style. As a motivational speaker, Cindy “lights the fire” of compassion and action for people to find their place in reaching the world who wander around without purpose and identity. Cindy’s real and transparent style of communication has effectively released others to be themselves and have REAL TALK about real issues and bring about a positive change to thousands of lives around the world. Freedom Lounge outreaches are the most EXCITING and life-transforming adventures.  They are a community, a tribe, friends, co-laborers, and authentically genuine in every outreach they do, every place they go, every word they speak and every action they take.  The world is watching and searching and their efforts are to stay as real and positive as they can. They LOVE creativity, the arts, comedy, music, unique expressions and want to give freedom for people to come alive and express what God has put inside of them. This outreach ministry is filled with adventure and because they are not a church, they can give GREAT freedom to the Holy Spirit (The Spirit of Truth) to move anyway He wants to and teach them new things that they haven’t ever seen before. They are Christ-centered, operate in PERFECT UNITY, absent of judgment, and condemnation.  They see seekers as Christ’s friends whom He loves and compels to come into His Kingdom.   Cindy’s ministry is currently based out of the Dallas Texas area. If you are interested in attending a future Boot Camp with Cindy, or if you are interested in hosting one in your city, please contact us her directly at

Suzy Nelson

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