What God is doing

Therough the MIMI Ministry


Testimony From Shirley Hawks

I first came to Miracles in the Marketplace (MIMI) because a friend kept telling me about how God was moving at their meetings, and that people were being healed.  I came, not to see any miracles, but to show her that this may be some sort of cult.  I brought my Bible and a notebook and wrote down every verse Pastor Craig Nelson referred to in his teachings, not because I wanted to learn more, but to prove him wrong.  In the middle of his sermon he stood both my husband and myself up and prophesied over us.  Later he had a lady stand up who was in a lot of pain, hard of hearing, and had poor eyesight in one eye.  As he prayed for her, she proclaimed her pain was gone, she could see better and hearing was improved.  As we walked out the door, I asked my friend how much she had told the pastor about us, as he was right on, as though he was reading our mail.  I also made the comment that they must have paid the lady that was healed a lot of money because I could actually see the difference in her face from when she first stood up to when she left the meeting.  However, I was not convinced.  A couple weeks later we brought a friend to the meeting and his knee was healed.  Wow.  I later became friends with the lady who had been prayed over the first night and found out she had actually been healed.  Every time I went to MIMI, people were healed and I never did find any misquotes or misuses of Bible verses by Pastor Craig.

A couple years later, Pastor Craig and Suzy Nelson offered the School of Miracles and Ministry.  Because I was retired, we felt we could not afford for me to go and spent a year jealous of those who did.  The Bible had become alive again for me, I had been baptized through the Holy Spirit, and through testimonies of students, my hunger for God was overwhelming.  The following year, I attended the school and my husband spent a year jealous how much had grown.  He attended the following two years, one year as an intern and I had the privilege of being an intern for two years, and was ordained through Miracles in the Marketplace in 2018  

Through MIMI I have gone on several mission trips to other countries where I have prayed for people who were blind and received full vision, I have seen deaf ears open, people who were dying from tuberculosis healed including a little girl, Dasha, who was in active death from TB, before being prayed, who was outside playing the next day, totally healed.  I witnessed a lady in Mexico who had not spoken or walked in 10 years, say her name and get out of her wheel chair and walked.  I have witnessed Stage 4 cancer patients healed, many deliverances and different diseases healed, too many to count; but most importantly, I have seen God work in the lives of his children.  He is a God who loves us, watches over us, died for us, and heals us.  

I am forever thankful for the ministry of MIMI, who brought me back to my first love, Jesus.  I now know without a doubt that I can fully trust him, He is always with me, and it is Him who is my best friend and healer. I have full confidence that when I leave this planet, I will be met in heaven by my Savior, and live forever with Him.