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Since our crusade in Piedras Negras last October, the testimonies of God’s healing power have been spreading across Mexico, prompting invitations for Pastor Craig & Pastor Sergio Aranda to come. We are excited about the opportunity to minister in a region in Mexico where we have not been before.

Craig & Sergio will be ministering during 3 days of healing crusades among the huasteca indigenious people in San Luis Potosí from October 25 - 27, 2018. Thursday & Friday we will be in the municipality of Axtla, and Saturday  we will be in the municipality of Tamuin. Sunday morning will be ministry at a local church.

We are expecting from 1500 - 2000 people every day! This region has 20 municipalites, and though we will only be in 2 of them, we are praying that God will send out a rumor of what is happening and people from all 20 municipalities will come.

The Huasteca is home to 6 indigenous ethnic groups with over 250,000 speaking various indigenous languages. Huastecs are a Mayan people, whose language probably separated about 3,000 years ago. Their presence in this area is most likely due to Mayan expansion north along the Veracruz coast until sometime between 1000 and 1500CE, when they were forced back south, leaving the Huastec group isolated in the far north.

It is one of the poorest regions of the country, with the federal government categorizing it as a “critical region” in terms of combating poverty. Catholic Christianity is the dominant religion in Mexio, representing about 82.7% of the total population. In San Luis Potosí, 92% are Roman Catholics and only 1% is believed to be Christian.

Our time in Mexico will be just before the end of wet season farming and a celebration called Xantolo. It is similar to Day of the Dead which is celebrated at the same time, but it has important differences. Xantolo brings people to cemeteries as well but it is to celebrate the living and the dead, as it marks the harvest of this growing season. Preparations for Xantolo last a week with altars remaining through November. Gifts of food are prepared to exchange with god parents, friends, family and neighbors. Altars consist of arches over a rectangular table. Each corner of the table has a pole to represent the four stages of human life (childhood, adolescence, adult and old age). The poles are bent towards the center above the table to form arches, and covered with branches of local flora. It shares certain elements with Day of the Dead such as cempasúchil flowers, papel picado and the creation of altars to the dead adorned with local fruit, candles and copal incense. It lasts from 29 October with the slaughter of pigs and turkeys. October 30 and 31 are for the remembrance of children and adults respectively and November 1 is not only for saints but also to honor godparents. A traditional dance for the event has groups of dancers who ridicule the powerful of the local society then are chained by a devil. These dancers perform with cloth masks, with the aim that Death does not recognize them and take them away.

We are excited to see what God does among these people, but we realize the danger and are not going in blind. We would appreciated your prayers and ask that you join us in praying for the following:

Prayer Targets: Witchcraft and witch doctors abound here. Many people travel to Axtla, San Luis Potosí from all over Mexico and USA to see these witch doctors, who apparently can cure any disease. The people are steeped in religion, Spiritism, Santeria, and it is an area filled with violence and drug cartels.

Pray for protection, anointing that breaks the power of the enemy, wisdom, revelation, and that God will confirm His Word with signs & wonders, miracles, salvation, deliverance, and unity among the pastors and churches.

Miracle Crusades - San Luis Potosi, Mexico

OCTOBER 25-27, 2018


If you would like to sow into the costs involved in this crusade, please click on the button below and type “CRUSADE” in the comment section.

Thank you for your love and support!

Craig & Suzy Nelson