What God is doing

Therough the MIMI Ministry

Sandy - Mexico

Testimony From Sandy Lent

Club Foot:

My husband and I were on a mini crusade trip to Mexico with MIMI when this miracle occurred. 

A mother came up to us carrying her beautiful toddler daughter in her arms.  She said she wanted her daughter to walk.  When we asked what was wrong, she explained that her left foot was deformed and turned to the side. 

I asked the mother to place her child on the ground standing.  I put my hand on her foot and then commanded: “Foot be straight in Jesus’s mighty name.”  In an instant, the girl had a totally normal foot that turned 30 degrees and pointed straight ahead.  The girl immediately took off running as tears of total joy streamed down her mother’s face!

Lame Old Lady with Bone Deformity:

This miracle occurred at the soccer stadium in Mexico after MIMI’s crusade.

A young boy wheeled up an extremely old woman to my husband and myself and said she wanted to walk.

She had on shorts so we could see her legs that were twisted like cork screws and covered with huge bone growths. 

I put my hands on her knees and said: “Be healed in Jesus’s mighty name.”  I then held her hands and commanded: “Now arise and walk.”

The woman immediately got up and started dancing, kicking her legs up high, and praising God with her arms raised.

She looked 40 years younger, her legs were completely straight, and the bone growths were all gone.

She then joyfully introduced us to her four young grandchildren that she was raising.

I thought no wonder God not only totally healed her, but restored her youth as well!

Street Kid Salvation:

We were praying as a group in front of a medical clinic during MIMI’s Mexican Crusade.

God pointed out this homeless boy to me that was a paint huffer.  He had metallic silver and gold paint flecks spattered all over his face and even in his ears.  He also had a handler who kept coming over to check out what we were doing with the young man.

Our interpreter had temporary left.  God told me to ask the man that had spoken excellent English when I had told him about the crusade earlier to interpret for me.  I talked to the man and he agreed to pray with me.

We went over to the homeless kid and asked the Holy Spirit to come, blessed him, and prayed for him to be set free, totally healed, and restored.   I asked him if he wanted to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  He did and he is now a street kid warrior for Jesus Christ!

The amazing man stayed and interpreted and prayed with our entire team for several hours.  Also, this same man that was there exactly when we needed him, later told me he was Pastor Jesus from the Church of Mount Zion!

Blind Man and Daughter with Cerebral Palsy:

This occurred during MIMI’s mini crusade in Mexico.

A limping young girl led her totally blind father to another MIMI team member and myself without speaking.

It was obvious he couldn’t see since His eyes were totally white from congenital cataracts.

I prayed: “Eyes be opened in Jesus name.”  At first, I didn’t see a difference, but I kept repeating the command while I watched his eyes.  Slowly the white became more transparent and then it was totally gone.  His eye sight was totally restored.

But to this day the thing that amazed me the most was that this clearly Mexican man had blue instead of brown eyes.  I asked God why and He said it was a sign from Him so people would see the man and remember the miracle God had done!

Later that night, this same father, was now leading his limping daughter up the narrow stairs to the stage when it was totally dark out.  He told Pastor Sergio that she had cerebral palsy and wanted to be healed.  Pastor Sergio told her to go and sit on the stage and soak in God’s Presence while people finished telling their testimonies of how God had healed them that night.

When Pastor Sergio came back to pray for her, God’s Presence had already totally healed her and she walked completely normally!