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Testimony From Dave Gjerdingen

For years, I had been listening to people give testimonies after coming back from mission trips with Miracles in the Marketplace.  I would listen to them appreciatively and clap or cheer.  I would hear Craig tell stories of things that had happened on different mission trips, and I enjoyed hearing those, too.  When I got to Mexico, though, and I saw miracles happening around me, as God worked through the hands of other people on the team and through my own hands as well… When we would go to multiple different churches, some of which didn’t even have roofs, but with people who loved Jesus and who were getting healed and leaving differently than they came in… When we would share testimonies of what happened today, what God did today… At some point on the trip, something clicked in my head, and I realized “Oh, it’s all true.”  I had thought that I believed the stories and testimonies, but there had been some disconnect in my head that prevented them from being totally real to me.  It was like I had some inner skeptic in my head who was secretly doubting the reality of the miraculous testimonies I had been hearing, even though I wasn’t consciously aware of the doubt.  Seeing things with my own eyes put an end to that doubt.  I remember reflecting on the trip as we were flying back home at the end of it, and I was so full of joy and gratitude to have had the opportunity to be used by God so much through the trip and to feel like I had gained new extended family members in other people on the team.  I was also grateful almost to the point of tears because of the increased confidence that I had that God wants to minister to and bless people through my hands, too, and not just through other people.  It was a great privilege to be able to participate in the trip, and I’m in a different place now in my faith than I would have been if I hadn’t gone.
– Dave Gjerdingen