School of Miracles & Ministry

Not your TRADITIONAL Bible School!

Curriculum Presented in 5 tracks:







We live in an awesome time in history, where the Holy Spirit is breaking out like never before! We are seeing an ever-increasing level of miracles as we are entering into this new season. There are many individuals who have laid down their lives to follow God and gone to Bible School or Seminary to learn more about God’s Word, only to come out disillusioned and wondering where they really fit in the Body of Christ. Miracles in the Marketplace School of Miracles & Ministry will equip you to be your own move of God. You will be activated in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and learn the “ins & outs” of ministry. Our curriculum will equip you to:

  • Hold your own meetings & orchestrate the anointing
  • Prophesy, speak life and destiny over people & situations
  • Pray for spiritual, emotional & physical healing, and breakthrough
  • Lead evangelism outreaches and do personal “one one one” evangelism
  • Participate in a group mission trip
  • Move-in miracles!

New 2 year program with a 3rd-year internship opportunity!

First-year students will receive a certificate of completion & have the option of attending for a second year. Second-year students will undergo more extensive training and receive a diploma in Christian Ministry. All students who complete 2 years of study are eligible to apply for an internship with the school, where they will be leading small groups and receiving hands-on leadership training.

“A finishing school for those desiring to finish well.”

― Craig Nelson (director)

Get in the Game

If you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching others minister in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, when you know that you are called to do the same; then it’s time to get in the game! God is not looking for the qualified, but he qualifies those that make themselves available.

At Miracles in the Marketplace School of Miracles and Ministry, you will learn important spiritual and people dynamics that will launch you into your destiny. No more waiting to be asked to join a ministry team, or serving here or there, but you will learn to possess the skills to take the land! You will be activated in the gifts of the Holy Spirit at a much higher level than you have ever imagined.

This school is not for the faint of heart or those that want an easy road to ministry. It will stretch you and challenge you in ways that will make you uncomfortable, but the rewards will be great!

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